People + Strategy + Technology

Technology shifts, regulatory and compliance needs, changing business models and technological innovations are some of the reasons why it is essential to have a professional service team that will understand your business process rapidly and implements solutions that make a difference.

ETCG’s Professional Services team combines expertise across a wide range of critical process improvement disciplines, including automation of business processes, business intelligence, database management, data storage, contact center technology, business intelligence, system integration, application development and application integration. Leveraging their varied skill sets and vast experience, ETCG’s Professional Services teams construct, implement and deploy a variety of business solutions, while partnering to provide with key vendors to enhance our service offerings.

Service Offerings

ETCG Professional Services implements projects of varied size, complexity and requirements. To meet each client’s unique needs, we work extensively with the client to determine the best utilization of our services. These engagements, much like the project requirements themselves, vary greatly in terms of project scope, resources and time. Some of our typical service offerings include:

Quick Start Installation

A single consultant or a small team of our consultants will install, configure and deploy technology in a client environment.


Provide expertise as it relates to LAN/WAN, Security, Storage, Server Selection, Cabling, Vendor Selection, Software/System Integration, Software Development and of course our in-house Contact Center Technologies. ETCG has the technical expertise to maintain and support deployed technologies or installations of Cacti Enterprise. In such scenarios, ETCG Professional Services provides expert services, guidance and recommendations to optimize existing installations.

Complete Project Implementation

ETCG Professional Services can implement the entire solution while working independently or with a team of client resources. Using our project delivery methodology to guide us through the project lifecycle we provide customer-tailored results that maximize client investment.

If the services listed above do not meet your requirements, please contact your ETCG account executive or email to determine how you can best leverage the expertise of ETCG Professional Services.